CNG Daughter Station

Put into use in 2009, Thailand JPN Daughter, which is the first Thailand CNG Daughter to adopt Chinese compressors, is now in a good condition....
Haikou daughter statio..
In 2003, our company started designing and manufacturing the oldest Daughter compressors in China. And now more than 500 sets of full- automatic controlling compressors are utilized in domestic. It is featured first-class performance, competitive price and cheaper accessory parts....
» General Description

Daughter are installed where a CNG fill station is desired but no natural gas pipeline exists. Therefore, the natural gas is brought to the CNG station by mobile storage. The Daughter compressor can not only move the natural gas from the mobile storage to ground storage quickly and efficiently, but also fill the vehicles directly.

Daughter CNG Statin Flow Diagram

CNG Daughter Equipment List:

Item Specification Qty
Compressor package Type:XD-13/35-250: Average outlet capacity 1400M3/h. Inlet pressure range, 30bar to 200bar. Outlet pressure, 250bar. Motor power:90kw. Main Compressor, air cooler, Ex-proof motor, accessories. Blow down tank Separator 1
Sun & water proof metallic enclosure 1
Full automatic PLC control panel(remote control type)with inverter starter 1
Priority panel Full automatic priority sequence control panel 1
Decant panel (Discharge post) Single hose filling nozzle, each one with micro motion mass flow meter, capacity 5400Nm3/Hr max 1