• Compressors
  • We mainly supply reciprocating piston compressor with power rating from 55kW to 2000kW. Our range of reciprocating compressor is mainly designed to increase the pressure of natural gas, marsh gas, and other special gases. Available in type L, D, XD, HY, and type M...
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  • NGV Refueling Systems
  • Natural gas vehicle (NGV) chooses the compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel, and our range of NGV refueling system is designed for use in CNG refueling stations...
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  • LNG Solutions
  • After the purification treatment (CO2, sulfide, heavy hydrocarbon and water desorption), and copious cooling to -162℃ under the ordinary pressure, the natural gas will turn to liquid state, which is called liquefied natural gas. In the same quality...
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  • Applications
  • WStandard, conventional or online stations are descriptions of similar types of CNG stations. Standard CNG Stations take natural gas from a pipeline, compress it and dispense it into various types of vehicles...
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  • What CNG
  • 1. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is one of the cleanest, safest, and most versatile energy sources in the world today. A fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel fuel, and propane, CNG is composed of approximately 95% methane and is normally stored at 3,600 PSIG...
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Zigong Tongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
With abundant storage, Zigong city has the longest
history of large-scale natural gas exploration and utilization. The natural gas utilization in ancient China
was originally associated with the salt well. 1700 years age people started to use the natural gas, which was discovered along the salt mine exploration, to cook and boil salt. 1000 years ago, the people of Zigong made a large-scale exploration of the natural gas in superficial layer, which made this area one of the earliest gas field
in the world. Similarly, the urban bus of Zigong and Chongqing has adopted natural gas to replace the
liquid fuels in 1950s and 1960s. The predecessor of Zigong Tongde Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. made the first compressor in China which is still on operation, the city is gradually developed into a manufacturing
center of CNG station equipments.