CNG Mother Station

Located in suburb arterial traffic that is 5km away from the Bangkok, the VGT mother station is one of the largest mother station in Thailand so far, which is mainly responsible for supplying CNG for the substation of PTT (Petroleum Authority of Thailand). Put into use in December, 2009, the station’s gas output is more than 300,000m3 per day, which can meet the requirement of 20 substations, 65 trailers are used for refueling all day long. Tongda Machinery offers 7 type D compressors ...
The clients of our company mother station are mainly State-own petroleum enterprises, including Petrochina and Sinopec. The gas production of mother station is general surpassing 200,000 m3 /d. And there are normal more than 4 sets of compressors. Below is:...
» Mother Station Flow Diagram


The key equipments of mother stations are compressors, gas dryer, storage and dispensers, etc. Each equipment qty and parameters is designed to meet the clients’ reasonable requirements for redundancy and additional capacity.

Typical CNG Station Equipment List (air/ water cooled compressor)

No. Item Sub-Item Configuration Qty.
1 Gas Regulation System Pressure Regulator & metering Skid mounted Pressure Regulator & Flow meter with Skid mounted, 1Set
2 Buffer Tank 5m3 Buffer Tank,   5 m3Buffer Tank for Gas Filtration and Separation, Valves, Fittings 1pcs
3 Water cooled Compressor package 3.390mmscfd(4000 Nm3/h)   Main Compressor, Interstage Coolers,  Each stage Separator,  Check Valve, Blowdown Valve,Interstages Coolers Relief Valve,  Flame-Proof Moter,  Gauge Display Control Panel at site,  Lubricant Bump Oil Injector,  Special tools, Spare Parts and Technical Docuets Packed with Equipment  each stage cooler 10)without compressor enclosure  3Set

PLC Control Cabinet

(outside the enclosure of compressor)

Automated PLC based controls for operation and safety system Siemens S7-200 control system Soft starter 7 inch Touch Screen Auto-starting Auto-Shut Down automatica blow down control auto-protect comperssor  3Set
5 Gas dryer 9000Nm3/h 1 set gas dryer each one with capacity 9000Nm3/h 1 set
6 Water Cooling system 200 ton cooling tower For three compressor heat-exchange 2pcs
7 Filling post  5000M3/hr max With Micro motion CNG 050 USA or E+H flow mass flow meter 3Set
8 Exhaust Gas Reclaim System Blowdown, Gas and Oil Reclaim One set 2m3 Gas blow down Tank, one set 1m3 Gas Sewage Tank (Including Stop Valve, Relief Valve, Fittings and Docs.) 1Set