LNG Refueling Stations

General Description

Skid-mounted LNG refueling station endows a process of refueling LNG to LNG tanks in the vehicles, especially for LNG buses and heavy trucks.

Technical components

1. Unloading system, LNG storage system, pressure build-up system, submerged filling system, LNG vehicle cylinder, automatic- control system and alarm system
2. System designing, auxiliary selection, system control, engineering installation, commissioning, training, after-sale service and etc.
3. Process flow of LNG refueling stations 

Technical Features

1.Zero-loss LNG vaporization.
 2. Flexible equipment configuration: customers can either choose the LNG/LCNG/CNG combination filling station or choose one of them.
3. Convenient operation and maintenance: LNG filling station adopted PLC control which can achieve automatic control over the LNG storage tank and LNG filling pressure and automatic metering and billing of natural gas during the filling time.
4. A high degree of integration: Achieved completely skid-mounted already, the equipment can start producing simply after power supply connected, and it can also be moved or relocated conveniently, which can contribute to minimizing the user’ installation time and costs and maximizing the user’s benefits,
5. Safety: Through the whole process, the equipment has to undergo the test of safety and operability to avoid any potential risks during the period of designing and manufacturing.
6. Filling capacity (equivalent to the standard gas) Nm3/d 5,000~30,000 which is determined by the user’s needs