LCNG Refueling Stations

General Description

Skid-mounted LCNG filling station endows a process to vapor LNG to CNG, through pressurizing and vaporing by high-pressure, and then refuel CNG cylinders of the vehicles. It can be established separately, combining with LNG refueling station or built as a supplementary of CNG refueling station. Compared with normal CNG station, the skid-mounted LNG station needs no pipeline so as to reducing power consumption and investment.

The Main Operation Principles of LCNG Refueling Station

1. It can turn the LNG into CNG through the process of pressure boostingand hyperthermia by pressure pump, then the customers can refuel through the gas selling machine. The advantages of LCNG can be summarizes as low power consumption, gas-cooling process omission, quick refueling and multi-vehicles gas entrapping simultaneously.
2.  LCNG station is a multifunction refueling station that takes LNG as its source gas. It provides vehicle refuel to CNG vehicle. LCNG station has the functions of CNG mother station, standard station and substation. LCNG station adopts hypothermal high-pressure plunger pump to pressurizing LNG to 20~25Mpa, and then turn the LNG to CNG through air temperature type high-pressure vaporizer. Afterwards the CNG will be filled to the air cylinders and refuel the CNG semitrailer and CNG vehicles through the gas columns and gas dispensers.


1. The LCNG station presents a better combination property by the capacity of refueling both LNG and CNG. And its efficiency can be fully developed in the case of big cities and favorable LNG price.
2. It can reduce the power consumption by utilizing the incompressibility of liquid.
3. The LNG has to undergo rigorous purification during its productive process, thus the LNG won’t be contaminated during the process of pressure gasification to CNG. Therefore, the LNG is cleaner than CNG, which will reduce the contamination and corrosion to vehicle equipments.
4. The system is featured by humanization design, multiple functions, convenient operation and maintenance.
5. The whole electronic control system is designed according to anti-explosion requirements, the operation is safe and reliable.
6. The system is highly automatic, due to its adoption of PLC control system.
7. It is also admired for small area occupation, low investment, low energy consumption, little noise and quick refueling.