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General Description:

Natural gas vehicle (NGV) chooses the compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel, and our range of NGV refueling system is designed for use in CNG refueling stations.


Our NGV refueling systems are classified into:
1. CNG Compressor: Our compressors feature large capacity, low vibration, high efficiency, aesthetical design, and compact structure. Also, they support long term continuous operation due to reliable and stable performance. User-friendly designed, they are convenient for maintenance, and require low operation cost. Their spare parts are available at very competitive prices. The PLC control system ensures higher safety and stability.
2. CNG Dispensers: CNG dispenser is applied to fill high-pressure CNG into vehicle’s CNG cylinder at standard CNG station.
3. CNG Gas Dryers: It is available to the dehydration of large, medium and small-size gas stations.
4. CNG Storage and Transport: Used for ground storage of compressed natural gas, CNG cascade storage consists of a series of natural gas cylinders, steel frame, valves, pipelines and high-pressure fittings. Priority sequence control panel can also be installed according to customers' requirements.
5. CNG Station Controls and Monitor System: PLC programmable auto-control system consists of customer data managing system and graphical user interface operating-control system. The system owns the functions of integral system data display and emergency dealing. Meanwhile, the control system can present all kinds of operation modes of the gas station through favorable graphical user interface, and define the gas station by real time monitoring, auto-billing, system alarm recording, auto-statistic and report outputting, etc.
6. Gas Regulating and Treat Equipment: It consists of pressure buffer tank, blow-down tank and sewage tank along with their relevant valves, pipelines, pressure gages and etc.

Station Types and Features

1.Standard CNG Station (pipeline station)
2. Mother CNG Station
3. CNG Daughter Compressor. 


1. Featured by high quality, high efficiency and low cost, natural gas, a clean energy, can be applied to urban bus as an substitute of fuel oil, which may do contribution to effectively governing the emission pollution, improving the urban environmental quality, adjusting energy structure of urban transportation, reducing energy cost and increasing economic benefit.
2. As an optimal alternative energy sources for vehicles fuel, the application technology of CNG is increasingly mature. CNG, with great development potential, is characterized with low cost, high benefit, pollution free, safety and convenient utilization.
3. The methane content of natural gas is more than 90%, which makes it an excellent engine fuel for vehicles.
4. It also features low application cost, high-guarantee safety and abundant storage.
5. Natural gas is suitable for wide-range application in resourceful nations and regions.

Advantages of CNG Vehicles:

1. low fuel cost
2.  less exhaust pollution
3. carbon-deposit free and less accessories wastage
4. safe and reliable
5. convenient vehicle refitting
6. stable operation