Biogas Boosters

General Description

Our range of biogas booster is designed for biogas compression. It features low inlet pressure, and is available with customized capacity according to the demands of biogas plants.


The biogas booster usually operates synchronously  with the whole biogas plant. Due to its high automation and consistent performance, the product is widely utilized in the biogas plants  in China and Thailand as well as many other Southeast Asian countries.  


1. Output: more than 300 units per year
2. Certification: fabricated in strict conformation with standards such as ISO 13707 certification, SGS, ABS, CCS
3. Employees: staffed with 340 employees, including 60 research and development personnel
4. We have earned certifications such as ISO 9001, SGS, OGRA, OMIC, and Special Equipment Installation License (Pressure Equipment).