Sewage Tanks

General Description

1. It plays the role of gas-liquid separation and storage of the exhaust gas from the compressors and deep dehydration equipment resurgent gases. It consists of natural gas sewage (1m3), globe valve, safety valve and pipeline. The natural gas recycling tanks should match the sewage tanks to achieve the goal of safety and environmental protection.
2. The sewage tank is designed to separate gas & liquid, store and drain the waste water and oil. The whole system consists of gas blow tank of 2m3, sewage tank of 1m3, break valve, relief valve and pipelines. Meanwhile, the blow down tank should work together with the sewage tank for the purpose of environmental protection. 

Technical specification table of sewage tank with capacity of 1m3:
1 Type  DN800
2 Vessel class Ordinary pressure
3 Medium  Natural gas 、oil、water
4 Style  Vertical 、columniation
5 Design pressure              (Mpa)         0.07
6 Max.working pressure         (Mpa)     Atmosphere 
7 Design temperature            (℃)                      60
8 Working temperature           (℃)    -20~60
9 Volume                      (m3) 1.0
10 Fixing mode Outdoor & fixed