High Pressure Gas Dryers

General Description:

The high pressure gas dryer works at the end part of the compression process and its working pressure is 25Mpa.


High pressure gas dryer consists of dryer, cooler, separators, heater, post filter, dust filter, working tower, tube, valve and control panel, etc.


1.Twin-tower, Semi-automatic or Fully Automatic, Regenerating Dryer: Working with two vessels, while one is removing water from the lower pressure natural gas, the other is regenerating. The two vessels are automatically switched so that the drying process is continuous.
2. Standards & codes: It can comply with China GB standards or ASME standards for per customer’s option.


1.  If the gas is not dry, it may result in moisture freezing in compressor discharger or dispensers. In extreme situations, liquid water may enter into the high pressure stage, which may cause serious damages.
2. Natural gas dryers concentrate mainly on removing the water vapor instead of storing or using natural gas for vehicle fuel. High water content can cause blockage of CNG in fueling system and corrosion of storage vessels and piping.
3.The need for a dryer is determined by the water content of the incoming gas and the minimum ambient temperature. Therefore, a dryer may be needed in a cooler climate by using standard pipeline natural gas, it may also be needed in a warmer climate.
4. Gas dryer adopts molecular sieve absorbent desiccants to remove water vapor to an extremely low level. While after a period of operation, the dryer may require regeneration or new desiccant to present a good performance. The dry also need a hygrometer to ensure the gas has been sufficiently dried.