Oil Field Gas Compressors

General Description

Due to pressure boostingof the natural gas in oil field, the large capacity compressors of type D or M are widely adopted. It can meet the requirements of  oil and gas field exploitation, increasing the pipeline pressure for effective fluid delivering, gas-lift extraction, oil and gas processing, light hydrocarbon recovery, gas drilling and gas storage in the oil and gas field.
Oil field compressor, the result of independent research and development, is aimed at replenishing the domestic margins, catching the performance of compressors imported from Europea and America. Moreover the compressors were awarded by multiple certificates.

Features :

These gas compressors are designed to meet the harsh environment in oil fields. In addition to features such as large load rating, high stability, and high automation, they offer great resistance to extreme temperatures as well as windy and dusty weather conditions.


1. Output: more than 300 units per year
2. Certificates: fabricated in strict conformation with standards such as ISO 13707 certification, SGS, ABS, CCS
3. Employees: staffed with 340 employees, including 60 research and development personnel
4. We have earned certificates such as ISO 9001, SGS, OGRA, OMIC, and Special Equipment Installation License (Pressure Equipment)..

After-sale Service:

1. We deliver goods in 24 hours for domestic clients, and also ensure timely deliver for overseas clients.
2. Our CNG compressor is provided with 12 months warranty after the completion of testing and commissioning. The warranty generally won't exceed 18 months after goods delivery. During the warranty period, we will be responsible for equipment replacement and maintenance if there is any quality problems.