Screw Compressors

General Description:

Offering discharge pressure less than 3.5Mpa, our dual stage screw compressor is applicable for low pressure gas pressure boosting. It is often used to increase the pressure for shale gas, coal bed methane, oil field, fuel supply system, landfill gas, etc. We can also supply single stage screw compressors with discharge pressure less than 1.7Mpa 
Discharge pressure: single stage ≤1.7MPa,  
Dual stage ≤3.5MPa 
Discharge flow rate: ≤ 550Nm3/min; 


1. Our range of screw compressor is equipped with original imported compression unit, and is manufactured on the basis of our world-class natural gas compressor design technologies. We have become a world leading manufacturer due to our capacities in design natural gas compressors with great impurity removal capacity and great plug flow handling capacity under deep wells. To suit individual demands, we can design and produce screw compressors according to clients’ special application requirements. 

2.  With high speed but compact structure, our screw compressors offer large compression ratio and low temperature discharge without carbonization 

3. Continuous exhaust and free of pulsation 

4.  With low vibration, the compressor requires no foundation and supports long term stable and low noise operation.  

5.  It is characterized by free of inhalation and vent valve,  quick-wear parts reduction, long non-failure operation , convenient maintenance management and low maintenance cost 

6. The compression equipment supports operation with liquid. However, please notice that there shouldn’t be impurities; otherwise, the equipment may be damaged by the liquid impact. 

7. With high separation efficiency, the screw compressor offers no pollution in the discharge. 

8. The grooves on screw enable the compressor to operate with little impurity in the air.