Type L CNG Compressors

The type L CNG compressor is so called because of its L-shaped overall structure design. It offers capacity between 500 and 1500Nm3/h, and is often used for small-sized CNG filling stations. It is mainly composed of the compression unit, anti-explosive electric motor, cooling unit, lubrication unit, internal connection pipeline, safety valve, and the blow-down valve. All these components are skid-mounted on a common base, thus facilitating installation and transportation. The PLC control cabinet is usually positioned inside the control room of CNG filling stations so as to realize remote control on the CNG compressor.

Why Choose Us 

1. We have over 40 years experience in gas compressor manufacturing industry. By now, we have supplied over 2500 sets of CNG compressors for our domestic and overseas clients. Our market share in China exceeds 40%. 
2. By virtue of our powerful development capacity as well as our close cooperation with China famous universities such as Xi'an Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, etc., we have achieved a leading position in compressor manufacturing technologies. 
3. We operate in strict conformation with TQM (Total Quality Management), TPM (Total Productive Management), and TPS (Toyota Production System) management systems which are widely used by American, Japanese and Korean enterprises. 
4. Before leaving factory, all of our CNG compressor have to undergo heavy load tests to avoid any possible failures. This is one of the reasons why our range of compression equipment has reliable performance. 
5. Our natural gas compressors are available with performance test reports provided by a third party, as well as pre-delivery tests such as SGS and OMIC. Upon client-side requirement, we can also provide ABS and CCS certifications. 
6. Our CNG compressor systems are equipped with key components of international or domestic famous brands to offer enhanced reliability. By now, we have established cooperation with ParKer (American), HOERBIGER (German), DK-LOK (South Korean), mercer (American), STAUFF (German), Siemens (German), Jiamusi Electric Machine Company Limited, Wuxi Xi Shan Anda Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co., Ltd., Xi Chi Electric Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Injet Electric Co., Ltd. The partnership with national and international industry leaders provides us great advantages in market competition. 
7. Our range of natural gas compression system is characterized by compact structure, high cost performance, reliable and stable quality, as well as low operation and maintenance cost. Its maintenance is also very simple. Due to these advantages, it is very popular in Pakistan, Uzbekistanbekistan, etc. We now have after sales service centers in countries such as Thailand, Pakistan, Uzbekistanbekistan and so on. Chinese or local personnel are available for equipment maintenance and repairing. Technical supports and assistance in Chinese, English, Russia, etc. are available. Free maintenance and operation trainings are provided as well. 
8. We designed and produced the earliest two type L CNG compressors in 1991 and 1992, respectively. These two type L CNG compressors are still working in a CNG filling station in Pengzhou city, Sichuan Province. They have worked for over two decades. As the filling station can undertake the compressors’ maintenance independently now, the annual maintenance cost (including spare parts replacement cost) for each piece of equipment is less than USD1500.
The following picture shows the earliest CNG compressor in China, and the compressor have started operation since 1992.

Technical Specifications

Range 200/1500 Nm3/hr)
Motor power 55-132kw
Inlet pressure ≥0.1Mpa
Motor Electric motor driven
Cooling model water or air cooled
Stages 2- 4 stage compression
Skid Compact skid design

Series No Compressor model  Inlet Pressure (MPa) Motor Power (kW) Capacity  (Nm3/h) Rotation Speed  (rpm) Stroke  (mm) Compression Stage
1 L-8.6/1-250 0.10 132  500 590  200  4-stage 
2 L-3.3/2-250 0.20  132  540  590  200  4-stage
3 L-2.7/3-250 0.30  132  600  590  200  4-stage
4 L-2.3/4-250 0.40  132  630  590  200  4-stage
5 L-2/5-250 0.50  132  670  590  200  4-stage
6 L-1.8/6-250 0.60  132  700  590  200  4-stage
7 L-1.05/10-250 1.00  110  630  490  200  4-stage
8 L-1.3/10-250 1.00  132  800  590  200  4-stage
9 L-1/12-250 1.20  110  700  590  200  3-stage
10 L-1.25/12-250Ⅰ 1.20  132  900  590  200  3-stage
11 L-0.8/18-250 1.80  110  850  490  200  3-stage
12 L-0.86/20-250 2.00  132  1000  590  200  3-stage
13 L-0.75/30-250 3.00  132  1200  590  200  2-stage
14 L-0.66/40-250 4.00  132  1500  590  200  2-stage