CNG Tube Trailers

General Description

CNG long pipeline/gas cylinder transportation trailers can be divided into: CNG Tube Skid Container Data Sheet (8 tubes), CNG Tube Skid Container Data Sheet (10 tubes) and Intelligent 212 L composite cylinder bundling transport tank truck. Specific parameters are as follow:

2. CNG Tube Skid Container Data Sheet (10 tubes)


 CNG Tube Skid Container Data Sheet (10 tubes)
  Net Weight  (without chassis) 29800Kg   Tube Qty 10PCS
CNG Loading  Weight 4752Kg Total Water  Volume 21.6NM3
Total Weight  (without chassis) 34552Kg Hydratastic Test  Pressure 375bar
CNG Loading  Volume 6800NM3 (ODxWTKxL) φ559x17.4 x10450mm
Working Pressure 250bar   Chassis Three axis
Leakage Test  Pressure 250bar Ball valve  manufacturer Parker of USA
Working Temp -40~60℃ Service 15 years
Container  Dimension 12192x2438 x1890mm Approval BV, ISO, CE
  Burst Pressure 375bar   Release-hole  Diameter ≥φ20

Intelligent 212 L composite cylinder bundling transport tank truck


Bundled by 212L composite CNG cylinders, its total water capacity reaches 3400L,
In addition to function as long tube trailer, it also has the following features:
1. Special equipment for  storage and transport of theintegrated CNG cylinders
2. Large capacity, high performance/price ratio 
3. Light , low operating cost 
4. Adjustable volume 
5. Safe and reliable, simple to operate 
6. Convenient inspection, low cost.
7. Highly intelligent, convenient charging and discharging, wide application.


Technical Parameters of bundling device
CNG cylinder bundle type container
Items Parameters
Model  JX-6-JWH406A-16-20/212
Nominal operating pressure 20MPa
Test pressure (water pressure)  30MPa
Nominal volume (Water volume) 20.352+5%m3
Ambient temperature  -40°~60℃
Charging media  CNG
Steel cylinder size φ414×2010mm
Container dimension 12192×2438×2278mm
Curb weight  21800kg
Max. charging weight 3317kg
Total weight 25117kg
CNG cylinder bundle container type semi-trailer
Items Parameters
Dimension  12391×2480×3800mm
Operating pressure  20MPa
Operating temperature  -40°~60℃
Total water volume  20.352+5%m3
Total volume of charging media  5128Nm3
Chassis weight of semi-trailer 4510kg
Curb weight 26310kg
Total weight 29627kg