CNG Refueling Station SCADA System

General Description

CNG station SCADA is designed for long-distance supervisory, control, communication and adjustments through collecting, motoring and controlling data of all equipments in the CNG station.


This system consists of PLC or RTU, scene instrumentation, industrial computer and configuration software, it serves to monitor data including pressure, temperature, fluid position, differential pressure, gas concentration, valve position and flow in long distance or on site, which can automatically and relevantly control valve and scene executive device. The system also applies wire and wireless to communication.

General Functions

1. Collecting and controlling: collecting different types of data, including flow, pressure, temperature, alert and valve position in long distance, controlling key equipment including valve, electric motor and pressure relief valve and so on in long distance.
2.  Displaying, alarming, inquiring, printing:
     Displaying equipment operation performance, technics parameters of every station in real time;
     Producing operation log and report form as customers’ requirements;
     Dynamically displaying flow chart, tendency in real time;
     Reporting and inspecting information automatically.
3. Setting of authorization: setting different authorization to different people to protect the data.
4. Processing of malfunction: diagnosing malfunctions and dealing with emergency safety accident
5. WEB function: WEB publishing and IE browsing.
6. Transmission method: cable, wireless, GPRS and CDMA, etc.