PRU (Pressure Reduction Unit)

General Description

1. PRU is used to reduce the pressure of the compressed natural gas.
2. Used to reduce the high pressure gas in the tube storage from 250bar to the customers’ desired pressure (usually 3bar). Two stages pressure reduction are needed, meanwhile gas must be heated by electric heater or gas burn boiler, during which the latter one presents a better performance.

Main Functions:

1. Natural gas decompression
2. Natural gas heating
3. Natural gas emergency cut-off
4. Gas leak alarm
5. Over-pressure gas relief
6. super- pressure gas cut-off
7. Natural gas measurement
8. Natural gas odor adding
9. Each stage pressure, temperature, flow, alarm, remote transmitting and linkage

Basic Parameters

1. User type: industrial users
2.  Inlet pressure: 25Mpa
3. Gas transportation pressure: 0.3Mpa
4. CNG decompression flow:3000Nm3/h
5. Configuration: two stages pressure regulator, two stages heat exchangers, cut-off tools, relief, measurement, decanting panel, heating system
6. Structure: one for opening, one for backup
7. Working media: compressed natural gas(CNG)
8. ON-site installation condition
9. Outdoor ( box body)