Standard CNG Dispensers

General Description

CNG dispenser is applied to fill high-pressure CNG into vehicle’s CNG cylinder.
Tongda Machinery offers various kinds of high-quality dispensing options for single or dual hose applications. The dispenser’s software provides independent sequence functions for each hose. Every dispenser offers accurate mass flow metering, electronic sequencing valves, large LCD display of volume and cost, and an convenient operation interface keyboard.

Major Components

1. Single and dual hose designing
2. One, two, or three-bank sequencing
3. Coriolis mass flow metering
4. Internal microprocessor controller
5. Electronic temperature compensation and sequencing
6. Type 1 NGV or type 2 Nozzles
7. Weight and measure certification
8. High flow transit dispensers available
9.International Certification: ATEX-CE Certification, CMMI 3 (Maturity Level 3) and etc.

Dispenser Main Technique Specifications:

Medium CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
Accuracy  +/-0.5%
Power supply AC 220V+/-15% 50Hz+/-1Hz
Rated pressure 20Mpa
MAWP 25Mpa
Compressive strength 37.5Mpa
Intrinsic safe/ExplProof Exibdme IIAT4
Flow range 1-25kg/min; 1-28kg/min 
Rated power Around 180W
Measuring unit kg, m3
Min. reading value 0.01kg, 0.01 m3
Single volume range 0-9999.99
Total volume range 0-99999999.99
Density preset range 0.0001-0.9999
Packing dimension 1000X750X2300mm
Net weight  Around 225kg 

General Functions :

1. Display unit price, volume by high brilliance back light LCD.
2. Display information including operator, driver, vehicle type, flow, pressure temperature, IC card balance and so on.
3. Calibrate the pressure transducer.
4. All the parameters are encrypted, and the parameters are protected by password setup function.
5. Every hose (motherboard) can save 12,000 transaction and support inquiry and print of historical data.
6. Refuel by preset volume and sum, stop by integral sum at any time.
7. Inquire shift total volume, total sum and total totalizer.
8.  Optional mental keyboard
9.  Dispenser with IC card has functions of IC card management, auto-settlement and favorable price unit by presetting IC card interface in dispenser without IC card.
10.   Monitor malfunction automatically and display malfunction code with maintenance method.
11.   Automatic pressure switch, which ensures taking out CNG from storage system accurately and efficiently.
12.   Automatically save the data after power cut and display data lingeringly.
13.   Shut down solenoid valve and display the reasons in case of over pressure, lose pressure and overflow.
14.   Monitor malfunction of mass flow meter and stop refueling in that cast.
15.   Gas leakage and gas loss protection, alert information display.
16.   Adopting optional monitor system to count and record the lost gas volume of solenoid valve malfunction.
17.   Adopting optional management system to preset communication interface, and to inspect information of refuel and dispenser performance in real time.
18.   Breakaway coupling.
19.   Manual emergency shut-down valve.
20.   Filter online cleaning function
21.   Pressure discharge and blow-off