Buffer Tanks

General Description

The natural gas pressure in the pipeline of CNG station is usually fluctuating in a certain range, while the pressure-fluctuating gas may affect the lifetime of compressor’s accessories including inlet and outlet valve. Therefore, it is really necessary to adopt a pressure buffer tank to make the natural gas in a stable condition before it is sent into the compressor and dehydration equipments. The volume of buffer tank is about 2m3-5m3.

Specification of Natural Gas Buffer Tank of 2m3

Parameters' table:

1 Type DN1000
2 Class of vessel SL-I
3 Medium Natural gas
4 Style Vertical 、Columnar
5 Design pressure         Mpa 2.0
6 Max. working pressure    Mpa 1.8
7 Design temperature     (℃) 50
8 Working temperature    (℃) -19-45
9 Volume               (m3) 2.0
10 Fixing mode Outdoor & fixed